Kids Fighting Chance teaches, empowers and prepares any school aged child – any size, any gender, any age – to avoid dangerous situations, ward off attack and escape abduction. Our Kids Fighting Chance video will teach and prepare your child with knowledge and lifesaving techniques, including:

  • How to avoid dangerous situations, threatening strangers and predators in the first place.
  • If the child is grabbed or attacked, Kids Fighting Chance clearly instructs how to instantly respond to the danger, instinctively stun the attacker long enough to escape.
  • If escape is not possible, the Instructional Abduction video clearly teaches how to prevent being forced into a vehicle.
  • If put into a vehicle, Kids Fighting Chance teaches multiple ways to disable a vehicle, bring attention to the scene and escape from that vehicle.
  • The Instructional Video trains your children for every stage of a dangerous encounter.

Currently, your kids probably don’t know any of these life-saving techniques. For the most part, they are helpless victims! The educational techniques are very easy to learn, fun to practice together, and kids can actually do them.

You don’t tell them how to swim, you teach them. You don’t tell them how to play baseball or soccer or how to perform ballet, you teach them.

Eventually it becomes second nature, and they’re ready. When it comes to predators we’ve taught them nothing… untill now!

About Kids Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance™ is an empowering training system specially designed for any school aged child. It is also, most importantly, structured to be fun and non-frightening. “Give Your Kids a Fighting Chance” teaches instinctive, aggressive responses to ward off a potential assailant. It’s also been proven to save lives and has been tested around the world. The program is best taught interactively between a parent and their children.

Fighting Chance training is appropriate for school-aged children, regardless of size or gender. “Give Your Kids a Fighting Chance” is based on the broader training program called Fighting Chance. This broader program is designed for people of all ages and then it is further tailored for specific demographic groups (women, retirees, etc.) and specific occupations (business traveler, policemen, security guard, etc.). Fighting Chance is based on the premise that the best defense is a strong offense and that the best techniques are instinctual and easy to learn, but hard to forget.