The more we are scared to let our children go outside and play, it becomes harder for them to be expressive and learn new things around them. In general, nature art helps to develop creativity, gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities and true connection.

Due to technology and social media influences, instead of learning new things first-hand, kids now prefer to watch videos on YouTube and play online that lead children obesity to become rampant aging one to twelve years old.

Moreover, the benefits of doing nature art to children are as follows:

  1. Doing nature art helps the children to develop and improve their language skills, as they share short stories about their experience of doing the nature art. They are able to learn new words, actions and even shapes.
  2. Creating nature art encourages them to trust the process, enjoy the experience and taking risks to improve it. Inventiveness plays a huge role to the kids, as this will also determine if they were born to be a team player or entrepreneur when they grow up.
  3. Playing and experimenting with nature art also serves to be the children’s outlet towards small challenges they encounter in a daily basis including but not limited to classmates bullying them or the willingness to be on top of the class.

As they enjoy nature or animal art, it can be messy but that’s okay, especially if the kids are enjoying. Do not try to reprimand and correct them, no matter how does their art looks like, it’s the result of their creativity because when you do, they will develop the habit of asking the approval of others, everytime they try to do something new.

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