Having your kid’s birthday party is one of the most exciting things you can do every year. But its also one of the most challenging activity that you will be organizing. We all need help even if we are the only ones doing it. If you’re planning to do the organizing on your own, you will at least need a checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that may spoil on the day itself.

Here’s a checklist you can use on the essentials that need to by from a party shop and to be addressed when organizing your kid’s birthday party.

R Theme

Check with your child the them he or she wants for her party. Is it a theme from the movies or a character. Would it be about her favorite TV show. Knowing what your kid wants and applying that theme will definitely be something everyone in the family would look forward to.

R Guests

Make sure you create a list of the people and her friends that you would like to invite. This will help you to identify what kind of food to prepare and how much food to serve. Your guests should also be people close to the family and your kid’s friends.

R Activities

Lining up the activities and the entertainment you want to include should be planned properly. Know if your kid can work with clowns as they often scare smaller kids away. If not, then you can hire a magician or just a favorite superhero you can ask to visit the party.

R Invitations

Once you’re done with your list and your list is final, its time that you send out invitations. Make sure that you ask your guests to confirm if they will come or not so that you will have an estimate of the guests who are arriving.

R Groceries and Decorations

This one is shopping time. You need to buy the stuff you will need for the party. The food, ingredients if you are cooking, and other party materials needed such as paper plates and cups. You will also have to visit a craft store to make sure you decorate the place to make it more interesting for your little celebrant.

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