Enjoying a nice steamboat meal with your family is not always easy. You need to cook for yourself, make sure everyone has his fair share and keep an eye on the kids. Wouldn’t it be nice if steamboat places can also keep kids busy?

Fortunately, there are kid-friendly steamboat restaurants where you can take your kids and still enjoy the meal.

Spice World

Spice World has unique food items in its menu especially to amaze kids and even adults. Order the Teddy Bear Mala Hotpot. It is a solid bear-shaped chili block which the boiling water slowly dissolves. It is a visual treat you don’t usually get in hot pot restaurants. There is also a Hello Kitty shape but it is very limited so you have to reserve early.


HaiDiLao is famous for its customer service for a reason. In fact, it has always been known as one of the best steamboats in Singapore. Even as you wait in line, your kids can enjoy free snacks such as fresh fruits, popcorns, and ice cream. There are also fun activities such as paper folding challenges and games. Once you get inside, you can let your kids enjoy at the playpen as you wait for your orders. There is a designated staff in the playpen to watch over the kids, so you can start eating with ease of mind. Not to mention that there are also dancing noodle performances.

Shang Pin Hot Pot

Shang Pin Hot Pot takes pride in its playground space. It is equipped with various toys including Lego blocks to keep your kids preoccupied as you slurp your soupy meal. Your children also get to take home a souvenir.

Beauty In The Pot

Beauty In The Pot is not just famous for its rejuvenating collagen soup base. It is also known to have a playground that can compete against big playpens in malls. It is even complete with various slides and monkey bars, and even a trampoline. Add to that, there is a staff who takes care of the area so you can be sure that everything is well-maintained.

Hao Lai Wu

Afraid that your kids would get hurt if they accidentally touch the hot pot? Worry no more here at Hai Lai Wu. Hai Lai Wu have special crystal pots that do not burn hands even as it boils your soups. Add to that, the lunch and dinner buffets are cheaper compared to other steamboat restaurants. And if your kids want BBQ instead of steamboats, you can also treat them to it since Hai Lai Wu serve the best of both worlds.

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