Going through a divorce is one of the devastating life events anyone can ever experience.
Sometimes two people separate because respect is no longer being served or perhaps,
circumstances have forced them to fall out of love. Moreover, children are tremendously
affected by the situation that will manifest in multiple ways.

Here are the negative impacts of divorce on children

Low Self-Esteem – they rather not participate in any extra-curricular activities and even to
recitations; they believe that everything that they may say is just a mistake. As a
consequence, they have poor to below average grades to all subjects.

Health Problem– children from a broken family tend to have a health problem due to zero
to no adult supervision to their lifestyle. Kids can also have insomnia if not treated
immediately, they tend to stay late at night watching television or playing games on mobile,
because no one is available to listen to what they have to share and tell.

Trust Issues– they will eventually suffer in handling trust issues. When two of the most
people in the world they love are no longer a “team,” they will have the difficulty in trusting
others. They believe that no one is there for them, so they will grow independently and
there is a chance of being dominant everywhere they go when they become adults.

How To Make Amends To These Negative Impacts To Your Children?

Even if you are divorced to your former spouse, your responsibility as the parent never
ends. Ensure that you have time and set a budget to bond with them during your spare time
on weekdays as well as on weekends.

Allow them to feel that the family is still united, it’s just that as a couple you can’t stand to
live in the same roof again. Your monthly check-up routine should not stop when you
divorce, you must still have the budget for the kids’ health check.

By ignoring your responsibilities as the parent, you are putting yourself at risk, there are
government agencies that look after the child welfare. Failed to comply with your
responsibility comes with the corresponding penalty, requiring you to save more budget
for it.

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