Birthdays are milestones that require special celebrations. For parents, they want the best for their children’s parties. However, planning the event can be a great source of stress. To help you through the process, here are some simple tips that will keep you sane during the prepping period.

Have your budget ready prior to date.

Birthday budget for your precious kids can also be prepared prior to date. Make sure you are able to save a bit of cash once in awhile for this lest you want to get immediate cash loan or financial help from money lender singapore to increase your budget for this very day.

Involve your child in planning.

It’s his party. Let your child choose the theme, the giveaways, the kind of cake, the number of guests, and every detail that you think matters to him. It will be a fun bonding moment for both of you. It applies to children who are old enough to share ideas for their birthdays.


Create a timeline.

Plan ahead. Cramming can be stressful especially if you are a busy mom.


  • 6 weeks before the birthday

Select the theme. Create the guest list. Reserve the venue if you plan to do it outside your home.

  • 4 weeks

Prepare the invitations. Update the guest list. Decide on the foods that you will prepare or order, the games, and other activities that you want for the party.

  • 3 weeks

Send out the invitations. Buy decors and giveaways. Arrange extra help if necessary.

  • 1-2 weeks

Make a schedule of activities or program, purchase other supplies and call guests to confirm their presence.

  • 3 days

Purchase food ingredients and drinks. If you prefer a catering service, finalize the foods and drinks that will be served.

  • 1-2 days

Bake the cake. Review the list of supplies. Cook make-ahead foods.


Enlist help.

Employ temporary helpers to assist you during the party. The ideal is one helper for every 6 children. You can also ask members of your family to help you or some close friends.

What matters most is the enjoyment and happiness of your kid during his own party. Take note of these tips when you plan for his future birthdays.

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